Monday, July 6, 2009

From the core of my Heart

Dear Satyajitjee,
It was an interesting meeting I had with Bihar Foundation, India and the prospect of working together for mutual interest which is BIHAR, PEOPLE OF BIHAR. It was very encouraging to see that very senior civil servants of the State Govt. hierarchy are members of the Foundation in Bihar which not only gives it credibility but also gives it stability, and I am sure this organization shall promote Bihar and hopefully will bring investment into Bihar. We as Bihar Development Foundation UK will be honored to work along with yourselves. It was very nice to have met Mr Anup Mukerjee, Development Commissioner cum Member Secretary, Bihar foundation and Mr Ajay Yadav the CEO of Bihar Foundation India during our meeting.
We were delighted to note here in the UK the findings and the recommendation of the World Bank that PATNA is the second most ideal place to invest in the whole India [news in the media]. This speaks a lot for Patna and Bihar.
I have arranged for the poster to be displayed and other material to be distributed in the annual meeting of the doctors from Bihar this time to be held in Brighton [South of England] where about 300 families from Bihar and Jharkhand come together in a " Mela " like environment with exhibitions, music and of course sessions of scientific[medical]lectures. It is a two day program and the participants are from Bihar & Jharkhand.
After the advertisement and the facilities Bihar Foundation, India is going to provide to NRB'S for investment in Bihar I am confident that you shall be inundated with queries, hopefully some of which can end up in sponsored projects by NRB'S. I would very strongly recommend that a similar set up be formed in Jharkhand so that people from jharkhand[OLD BIHAR]get the same benifit.Here in the UK or North America it is still BIHAR not The divided Bihar as Jharkhand & Bihar we all feel as one and meet and treat each other as one.
God Bless India,
God Bless Bihar and BIHARI across the globe.
Yours sincerely
President, Bihar Development Foundation UK

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