Monday, July 20, 2009

Bihar Foundation : Expectation of Non Resident Biharis(NRBs)/NRI

Hi Satyajit and Team,
It was pleasure to meet you all during my visit to your office in Patna in May 2009. Initially I was little skeptical about this whole initiative as this is a govt supported initiative and we all had our share of bad experience with bureaucracy. But after meeting you all at Patna and learning about your projects and plans, I am quite excited about the future of this organization.
The time I spent talking to you all about the projects, gave me some sort of assurance that in future when we NRBs want to do something for our state, there is a govt body that can help us achieve our dreams.
I am sure together we can do something for our state and do our bit to bring back the lost glory.

Although I live in Australia but my heart still beats for India rather for Bihar. I have keen interest in Bihar related causes and try to do my bit to See a BETTER Bihar and have been involved in various socio-economic projects for Bihar.

I have written an email to the person behind Bihar Jharkhand Sabha Melbourne, Australia (BJSM) and will wait to see what his response is in next few days. I will distribute the brochures etc to everyone possible.


Samir Kumar Mishra

Technocrat, Brisbane, Australia

Mobile: +61-403-747-809


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