Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bihar Foundation : Australia Chapter

Dear Satyajitji,

Nice to hear something from someone associated with the Bihar Foundation at last. We were trying our best to get updates on this initiative for a long time. I personally met our esteemed Deputy CM Sri Sushil Kumar Modi on my visit to Patna last year and was impressed by his enthusiatic approach to Bihar Foundation.

You will find several news clips on the Bihar Jharkhand Sabha Australia (BJSM) website on Forum page for Bihar Foundation Board about the launch of Bihar Foundation in Canberra and Melbourne by Shri Sushil Modi himself. There are several other clips available on internet and I mean it is already here in Canberra and in Melbourne, and the members are looking for your input. I may arrange someone from our association to take lead in Sydney, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane.

You may be interested to know or may be aware that Bihar Jharkhand Sabha Australia has set up its chapters in every State and Territory in Australia and enjoys membership of more than 180 families in Australia. We have different modes of get togethers and we meet 3-4 times a year in all major cities.

I hope you will be able to send us the newsletter or any information on projects run by the Bihar Foundation. Our next meet in Melbourne is scheduled on 9 August 2009. We would be grateful if you could provide some information on your programmes that may be shared with our members in Melbourne and be made available on the website for members from other cities.

We are helping existing members, newcomers and any potential immigrant/student from Bihar or Jharkhand for every possible needs. Further, we organised two sessions of Bhajan Sandhya in Canberra and Sydney and were able to collect more than $10,000 dollars for CM Fund for Flood Victims last year. The report can be viewed at the website.

You will be pleased to know that the BJSM is an association with presence in all major cities and people from other community groups look at us for leadership and inspiration. I must admit that the web presence is contributing significantly to our ever expanding role. Additionally, we are also extending help to other communty groups and winning their goodwill.

I have already provided a link of Bihar Foundation on our website


Sanjay Pandey

9 John Winter Street, Gungahlin ACT 2912.


Tele : +61 2 6253 8714

Mob : +61 421 642 502

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