Friday, October 30, 2009

Bihar Foundation leased new life to my project

Dear Shri Satyajit Singh Ji,

Warm greetings from Widnes, Cheshire, England.

Thank you very much indeed for your encouraging e mail. Simply I have no word to express my gratitude. I was on the point of giving up my dream after struggling for the last three years on this project, but your e-mail has given the fresh life to the project. This is the first time that some one from the Bihar govt administartion has contacted me about this pilot project.

I have now got your telephone no and I shall be in touch with you early next month when I will be at the medical centre in my village.

With very best wishes and kindest regards.

Dr Mahima Pandey

Founder and Chairman

Indo-British Medical Association Limited, UK

(Registered in England and Wales as a limited company)

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    Sir, life is a blessing of God and death the attainment of salvation in favor the Almighty. In between life and death lies the “ KARMA” of human creation- towards self, towards near and dear ones and towards society. Most of the time we meet the first two but fail to fulfill the last i.e. towards society.
    Perhaps, I tried to give a background to my feelings for your following noble deeds in our native village AMEYA in GOPALGANJ DISTRICT-

    Firstly, the Hospital – It is giving great service to rural people of catchments villages that were greatly missing these facilities earlier.

    Secondly, The Plant distribution - The last Mango plants distribution programme by the hospital was well taken by the people and almost every household has planted mango plants provided by the hospital.

    Third but not the least, your visit to our native village gives a great sense of pride and a source of inspiration to village youngsters. We have grown hearing about you and draw inspiration form you.

    We the natives of Vill: Ameya most humbly Salute your sense of affiliation and service to the native place.

    With Love& Regards.

    Rajendra Yadav
    Gurgaon (HR)
    -A Native of Vill: Ameya, Gopalgan (BIHAR)